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Your day remembered from a cinematic point of view. 

I look for the naturalness, the spontaneity of capturing the moment, the emotions,

everything is perfect as it is happening. 

A story full of details that you lived

or even don´t remember because of the excitement of the moment

and that you can enjoy them forever. 

My vision is to bring creativity and dynamism to create the perfect piece

that fits with you and that you can see with family, friends... 

...and that this piece is not a simple video is a piece

made with affection and personality,

that be able to transport you back to that wonderful day.

Video Wedding in Mallorca / Worldwide 

Lizzie & Ben Highlights
Tara & Josh Highlights
Son Berga Wedding T&R
Finca Comassema Wedding H&G
Zoe & Brian HIghlights
Elisa & Simon Highlights